Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting a London Storage Unit

Storage units in the London area have become an increasingly popular option for many people who, for a number of reasons, can’t keep all their stuff at home and could use the benefit of extra space. Today the services of reliable storage units has increased greatly and are available in every major area, probably a few near you.

There are a great many people who for have outgrown the confines of their loft and basement are now desperate for somewhere to hold valuables while they figure  something out. To give these folks a place to store their stuff, many landowners invest in storage spaces where many lots can be rented out for extended periods of time.

There are many reasons that a reliable storage space could be the only alternative to having a massive garage sale and cutting your losses. Many people have to transition from their home cities dues to job relocation, marriage, divorce, military deployment or unexpected deaths in the family.

Without a secure place to keep personal possessions, people run the risk of losing valuables to neglect, theft, and possibly the elements. Many storage patrons continue to use their storage space even after they have returned to their city.

Before considering a storage unit in London for your particular situation it is a good idea to consider the pros and cons of keeping your stuff safe in a storage facility as opposed to keeping it yourself. It is also important to inquire into the terms and conditions of any storage facilities you hope to do business with.

Advantages of Storing Belongings in a External Storage Facility.

-Reliable, safe and pest free place to keep your important belongings that no longer fit in your own storage space due to overcrowding, relocation or other storage issues.

-When relocating, and faced with the need to empty the contents of a household, this is a great option as a place to keep all this stuff that would otherwise have to be speedily liquidated.

-Office space is getting cramped, perhaps due to being overstocked on merchandise or having excess materials or merely lack of ample space, and you need to clear out the unnecessary paraphernalia from the office and get back to productivity, where do you go? External Storage! Raaaahhh….

-Renting storage space is most often worked out on a month to month basis. Companies who rent out extra storage space can find better deals from storage services because they rent longer and are frequent customers.

-If you must leave home for a while, an extended business trip, large family vacation or maybe just for college, but have very intention of returning to your belongings, what better option than temporary storage.

-Positive solution for hoarders. Those who obsess over more objects than they can organise can move some of the clutter to a storage unit and make some room in the home for moving around.

-A home, office or living space that is clear from clutter is more conducive to positive energy flow and will be a sanctuary of peace and positivity as opposed to a cacophony of random objects.  Storage units, no matter how jam packed, are impervious to negativity.

Disadvantages of Storing Belongings in External Storage Units

If there are some advantages of having an external storage space to contain your surplus items than it is only natural that there are some downsides to be aware of before opting for this method of storage.

-Some storage services don’t offer special promotions, coupon days or discounts and if you will be using the storage method for a long time this can be quite costly.

-Due to the high demand of storage rentals what was available one day is often gone the next, leaving little time to make a decision. Often you will have to settle for one slightly further away.

-Some Storage facilities claim their spaces are available to you 24/7 but if you show up at an odd hour you may find your stuff is locked tight and unreachable.

-There can be some disadvantages to doing business with a storage unit without modernised facilities, especially if storing sensitive materials (anything that could be damaged by heat, cold, extremes of moisture and dryness etc.) or valuable materials that could end up stolen.

We hope you found this article useful and if you’re looking for self storage in London and surrouning areas then take a look at Magenta for self storage in Acton.

Business Networking Events in or near Bromsgrove

If you’re a business owner in the Bromsgrove area then you may be interested in the business networking events available in the area. Networking is a great way to get your message out about who you are and what services you provide. Below are several networking events that take place in the Bromsgrove area. Details are correct at time of publishing, but please check with each event before travelling to ensure the event still takes place. Nobody likes a wasted journey!

First up, we have 4Networking, a fortnightly business networking event that takes place at The Ladybird, Finstall Road, Bromsgrove. It’s an evening meeting and start time is 18:00. £15 per person.

What is 4Networking? It’s 50,000+ member network with meetings taking place all over the country. You can visit any 4N meeting anywhere in the country – even if there’s a profession the same as yours already at the meeting.

The Vibrant Network holds meetings aimed at business success, business generation as well as personal development. The difference from other networking meetings is that they build deep and meaningful relations through story telling. Members are invited to talk totally unscripted about themselves and their business. The emphasis is on ‘just be yourself’.

Here’s where the Vibrant network is different. Attendees are invited to speak in front of the group and talk about their life story. This helps to build deeper emotional connections with the rest of the group. If you are a caring, inspirational and emotionally intelligent kind of person then the Vibrant Network sounds like it would be ideal for you. Membership is £15 per month and new members are always welcome.

Thirdly, we have the BoB (Business Over Breakfast) Club. BoB Bromsgrove meet fortnightly at The Greyhound Inn, Rock Hill. At the time of writing, the Bromsgrove BoB Club is in formation status which means they are looking for founder members. 12 members are needed to officially launch the meeting. Currently there are only 3 members in the group but if you are interested in joining, then pay a visit at the next meeting to find out more and perhaps secure your place.

Finally, we have BNI Black Pear. This Bromsgrove business networking group is a local chapter of the hugely successful BNI – Business Networking International, which is a worldwide organisation. This networking group is long established, having formed in 2003. In the last 12 month, the chapter has generated business worth over £400,000 for its members.

BNI Black Pear meet at The Holiday Inn, Kidderminster Road in Bromsgrove and currently has 17 members with professions including recruitment agency, printer, accountant, plumber and estate agent.


With BNI, there is only one profession/business type allowed in the meeting so the advantage BNI offers is that it allows you to lock out your competition.

Tips and Advice when attending business networking events

Great Networking Conversations – ‘in / you / me / out’

The ability to ‘work a room’ is a key business skill.  But it is not easy…  How to start?  What to say?  How to get away from somebody boring…

I recently asked an audience of 150 whether they thought they hated networking more than everybody else in the room.  Over half put their hands up.  I said “you can’t all be right”.

Yes, business networking events are hard. But it’s hard for everybody. So, to have a productive conversation, remember the four steps ‘in / you / me / out’….



Get into the conversation. Approach someone and ask “Mind if I join you?”  When they say “yes”, this step is complete.


Talk about them first.  It’s more polite to do this than talk about yourself. It’s easier – you don’t have to think of amazing things to say.  It helps them feel comfortable with you. It tells you about them, so you can tailor what you say during the conversation.

To stimulate chat about them, ask questions:

Introductory questions, to kick things off – What do you do?  How’s business? 
Unearthing questions, to find their key areas of focus – In your company, what are you responsible for?
The Big Question (you will need this later) – Who are good contacts for you?


They will then ask about you. It’s more interesting to talk about what you cause – “I help companies pay less tax” – than what you do – “I’m an accountant”.

When they ask for more information, examples of successes you’ve caused for others are much more memorable than listing all your products and services (remember – facts tell, stories sell).


(a)  If you want to follow-up with them…

  • Ask – for permission (“I would love to find out more about you and your business. Perhaps we could meet up over a coffee..?  Would that be OK..?”)
  • Ask for their business card
  • Ask when they want you to call them to arrange a get together
  • Ask if you can write the date/time on the back of their card.  (This makes it ‘official’ that you will be calling)
  • End the conversation.  “I’ve enjoyed talking to you today.  I will call you on Monday, as agreed”

(b)  If you don’t want to follow-up, use their answer to The Big Question to help you extricate yourself… “I’ve enjoyed our conversation.  You mentioned earlier that you want to speak to lawyers. If I bump into any, would you like me to pass them your way?”   [Yes, please].  “Great, I will do.  Enjoy your evening”.

And don’t forget…

  • Follow-up – call when you said you would, or everything above is a total waste of time
  • Never sell when networking (it’s really annoying for the other person).
    Securing a 1-2-1 second meeting is the best outcome you can get, so aim only for that
  • To get best results when working a room, make sure you’re in the right room.  If you want to speak to lawyers, go to rooms that are full of lawyers

Action Point

Next time you’re networking, use in / you / me / out at the event and follow-up afterwards.

Have you ever attended a business networking event?  Leave a comment if you have.


Choosing a locksmith – here’s some tips and advice

If you’re unfortunate enough to lock yourself out of your car or home then it’s likely you’ll need the services of a 24 hour locksmith. Doing the unthinkable and getting in a situation where you can’t get to your keys isn’t the end of the world. Experienced locksmiths have dealt with similar situations over and over.


Being a 24 hour locksmith is considered by some as the 4th emergency service – you don’t know when you’ll need them but it’s good to know they’re there when you do.

Historically, locksmithing was a revered trade and a lock was considered to be a work of art. A common occupation was that of Lock picking, but didn’t go down well with the population. If you look back over time, the locksmith industry is a fascinating insight into how locks and security have changed over time.

A 24 hour locksmith today does not make locks, but performs lock picking, lock repair, and cleaning locks. The usual locksmith is routinely called to bring his locksmith tools to install new locks. Although a 24 hour locksmith in a small town wouldn’t have enough to do if he only did lock picking to help people with missing keys, the 24 hour locksmith is best known for this aspect of his work.

A locksmith in the modern era of today doesn’t make locks, only cleans and repairs broken ones. Often, following a burglary or attempted break-in, locksmiths are called out to fix the damage and make good the security locks. Security assessments are another aspect of a locksmith’s work, advising on and improving existing security, particularly for business. Locksmiths are also used to test existing locks, and will test pick them to identify a weakness. They make also be involved with checked security vaults and safe’s to ensures valuables are kept safe.

As technology moves on, we are now seeing a new generation of locks installed in buildings, for example digitally controlled magnetic locking mechanism, with keyless entry. Locksmithing as an industry will need to adapt to these advances to stay ahead of the game, but for now, there is still plenty of scope to provide services for traditional locks.

We spoke to Jamie of Emergency Locksmith Norwich, who told us “Technology is moving at a pace and traditional locksmiths are being left behind.  We keep our team up to date with the latest electronic locking mechanisms available so we’re better equipped when we get enquiries relating to these.  It’s an exciting time, but challenging too, trying to keep up to date”.

Steps to follow to ensure you hire a locksmith who is up to the job

It’s important to hire an accredited locksmith so you know the person you’re hiring is fit for the job.

Only locksmiths who are members of the MLA (Master Locksmith Association) are recommended as this demonstrates a level of competence to do the job. Anyone can start trading and call themselves a locksmith but they are often inexperienced and unprofessional and hence, you’ll likely receive poor service and misguided advice. Check for membership of the MLA when you approach a locksmith and you’ll find you’ll get a better service. All locksmiths should be carrying visible ID cards so check that too.

It’s also worth checking for insurance cover as this protects both parties in the event of accidental damage to people or property.

If you need the services of a Norwich Locksmith then please visit: or search online in your local area.

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Choosing a Tree Surgeon Right For Your Needs

Do you have problems tree that you need to be dealt with? Which tree surgeon do you choose? There’s probably many tree surgeon services in your area so how do you know who to choose? Anyone can start in business and call themselves a tree surgeon, which unfortunately means there are plenty of poor tree surgeons who claims to be a professional arborist. Here’s a quick guide on choosing a tree surgeon who right for your needs. I’ll also cover why performing DIY tree care is not such a good idea.

Is Tree a Do-it-Yourself Job?

A cheap option is always going to be, doing the tree surgery yourself. Although tree surgery can seem straight-forward, there are good reasons why hiring a professional tree surgeon is best. Let’s begin with the safety aspect. Danger is always not far away with tree felling – people have been injured and even killed by falling branches and stumps. Do you have the proper equipment or have you been trained? Tree felling by in inexperienced person puts both people and property at risk. There are strict British standards of quality and safety which relate to the work of tree surgeons and only the best will adhere to these standards. A tree surgeon with qualification and training certificates will only be too happy to share them with you. Be sure to ask to see them. You should also look for the tree surgeon having the best safety equipment in order to protect not only themselves but you and your property. Needless to say, reputable arborists will show evidence they are fully insured to cover any damages to property during the tree felling work.  Just stump removal, or stump grinding can be a major task without the right equipment.

Another reason you’d want to hire a professional tree surgeon is efficiency – they get the job done faster. As they’ll be using the very best equipment as well as having the right training and experience, this allows them to compete the work in a fraction of the time it would take a do-it-yourself person. They’ll tidy up afterwards, clearing away and removing any green waste minimising any disruption to you or your company.

So it makes perfect sense to hire a professional tree surgeon.

What Questions Should You Ask?

Follow my guidance and ask the following questions – it will help you make a much better informed decision over whom to go with.

Are you insured?

This is an important one. Most professional tree surgeons will be covered by insurance but it’s always worth checking. Those who do have insurance cover will be happy to show you their certificate of insurance. Walk away from those who don’t or can’t show you.

Is the work you do to British standards?

This shows you’ve done your homework. If they answer yes, then ask which one BS number does the work relate to. Professional tree surgery in the UK should be carried out to BS3998 standards.

What training, experience and qualifications do you hold?

Ask how long they’ve been in the business of tree surgery. To go further, ask to see evidence of academic qualifications. Obviously, this depends on how complex the job at hand is and your level of comfort with the tree surgeon you contact.

What other services you offer, if any?

It’s worth asking this question as it will highlight whether or not they are a specialist tree surgeon or a jack-of-all trades. Tree surgery is a specialist trade so don’t be tempted by cheaper services – there’s a reason they’re cheaper.

Do you have a physical address and landline business phone number?

If a company only provides a mobile telephone contact number or doesn’t have a physical business address, it’s best to avoid those – what are they trying to hide?

Finally, choosing a tree surgeon doesn’t need to be a daunting process. By asking the questions I’ve shared above, you’ll be in a good position to know who to choose.

With thanks to Brian Jones, a Coventry Tree Surgeon with many years of experience for assisting us with the compilation of this article. Check out his website:


5 Jobs to Hire a Leaminton Spa Carpenter For

Whether you’re only renovating part of your home, or your entire house, a carpenter can ease the hassle of trying to tackle these projects yourself. A carpenter has the knowledge and expertise to complete all of your carpentry tasks. Sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day to do it all yourself. You need help, as you don’t have time to try and figure out how to hang a door yourself, or install hardwood flooring. That’s when hiring a carpenter in Leamington Spa can help you out.

Here’s 5 jobs that you need to hire a carpenter for, rather than attempting to tackle these jobs yourself.

Kitchen refurbishing has to be one of the most stressful projects to do around the home. Not only will you not be able to use your kitchen for a week, but it could also affect your water, gas, and electrical. The sooner your refurbishment is done, the sooner your life can return to normal. Hiring a carpenter to tackle a project will take some of the pressure off you. They’ll be able to complete your project in a timely manner. If you’d tried doing it yourself, likely it would have taken twice as long, if not longer, to complete.

One way to brighten the rooms and hallways of your home is by replacing old doors. Doors become scratched and dented over the years. There’s only so much paint and filler that can cover the gaps. Choose brand new doors to update your home, and then hire a carpenter to hang them for you. They’ll get them balanced perfectly, so you won’t have to deal with lopsided doors, which is likely what’ll happen if you decide to install them yourself.

Carpet is becoming passé due to its difficulty in keeping clean. Kids and pets can take a toll on the carpet’s surface. And who has time to dig out the rug cleaner anymore? That’s when it’s time to rip up the carpet and install some beautiful hardwood floors. While you can probably tackle the carpet removal yourself, a carpenter will do a top notch job in installing your hardwood flooring in your home. A poorly installed floor will be with you for years to come, so you might as well hire a good carpenter to complete the job for you.

Baseboards probably become more scuffed and damaged over the years than the flooring or walls do. That’s because baseboards are there to protect that area in-between. But at least once in your home’s lifetime, you should replace your damaged baseboards with something new. A carpenter has the proper mitre saw tools to do exacting corner cuts.

A fireplace is the focal piece in your home, and a mantelpiece will provide an inviting spot to place your photographs and candles. Nothing dates a home more than an old mantelpiece, so it may be time to update it with new hardwood, that can wrap around your old one. A carpenter can measure and install a custom hardwood mantelpiece to suit your sitting room.

It’s worth the effort to spend time hunting down the best carpenter for your home refurbishment projects. A good carpenter can be called on again and again to complete those fiddly wood projects around the home that you never seem to have time to get to.

What are High Intensity Interval Workouts and do they help with weight loss?

Many people join the high intensity workouts in order to burn the fats within the body. This form of training usually focuses on the quality of weight in a series of training repetitions. In these form of workouts, important things like the number of repetitions as well as the amount of weight and time are taken into consideration. There are few guiding principles that should be taken in order to make such workouts productive, for instance, these exercises are performed with so much effort and they should be brief, with this in mind these form of exercises will add to the muscular strength as well as the size. These exercises usually provide the muscles with much overload which will usually create room for more improvements. The high intensity workouts are always kept brief because the body will usually require enough time to heal and also produce responses that were stimulated during the period of workout. Unlike other form of workouts, much emphasis is put on rest and the recovering process. Most of these exercises usually consist of one set per exercise, and there are many other variations though much effort should be used. In most of these trainings, there is the use of lifting speeds which are controlled and in such cases, things like bouncing, yanking and jerking should be restricted.High Intentisy Training with a Personal Trainer

In some cases, it usually takes to a maximum period of 30 seconds in order to finish a complete repetition. There is also additional aerobic form of exercises, this will include things such as jogging, cycling or swimming or walking. Even when breathing becomes an issue, its better to keep in this movement for a period of up to 30 minutes. With this form of fitness, one should be able to provide the muscles with enough oxygen in order to prevent them from contracting at any time. In the anaerobic form of exercise, the amount of oxygen that is needed usually surpasses the amount that can be supplied through the normal breathing as well as through the distribution of the blood supply. The use of the high intensity workout programs has been widely spread and has as well received much criticism others claiming that it doesn’t used the correct form of wisdom. People who should join this program should be strong enough and should meet some requirements; in fact they should be overweight. There is no way a slimmer person can endure these strenuous exercises. Unlike other forms of exercises, the high intensity workouts usually target a single part of the body; most of the weight lifters use these workouts to build on their muscles.  The high intensity workouts have been distributed in many social media websites in form of You tubes, videos and other common sources. There are many benefits with these workouts for instance, some moments after the workout has been done, the level of calories remains as high as the level of metabolism until a certain balance has been struck. The best ultimate way to burn the calories within a limited period of time is through the use of these workouts. In many cases, people who embarked on these workouts not only build their muscles but also burn the amount of calories that could be within the body. Some choose to hire a personal trainer to get the most from their workouts.

In this case, the level of fat content will be greatly reduced. There is no way such extensive workouts can accommodate any fats in the body, they burn immediately. This is the fastest way of burning fats in the body though it cannot be recommended for everybody. Only those who have the condition to join such workout programs will have the benefits. In many pasts of the United Sates, such programs are cherished by boxers, celebrities and other personalities that want to improve their muscles and make them stronger. The routines are usually intense and they should be slowed down to once a week, until the body will come up with more anaerobic endurance, this is when the workouts can be increased. Remember there will be increased wear on the muscles and that’s why it’s important to have a recovery period after every one week, to regain strength.

If you’re thinking of hiring a personal trainer in Coventry to assist with your high intensity workouts, then contact Dean Clarke.

Using Twitter For Business

Multi level marketing

How to create a business marketing plan